Visualization of the Week: Commuting Paris

Dataveyes' new interactive map visualizes the Paris metro system from a time and crowd perspective.

The team at Dataveyes has launched its latest project,, an interactive map visualizing the Paris metro system. Using data provided by Autonomous Operator of Parisian Transports (RATP) and from Isokron, the team visualized the metro system from both a crowd and time perspective.

As pictured above, users can click to select a station in the time view, then hover over a destination to bring up journey time and connection information. Alternatively, users can select the crowd view and click on a station to bring up station traffic information:

In a company blog post about the project, the team described their approach:

“We used data provided by both the RATP and Isokron, on the back of an API that allowed us to determine the average journey duration between any two stations, depending on the time of day and date. Contrary to the way we usually approach datasets, we started by prototyping straight away, without any thorough wireframing, and even before we knew what the datasets exactly contained.”

The maps also can be viewed in 2D or 3D, and users can add and remove stations and routes by clicking the station numbers along the left. The visualization will be exhibited in June at the Futur en Seine Festival in Paris.

Hat tip to Nathan Yau for highlighting the group’s work.

More visualizations:

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