TurboGears Just Keeps Getting Better

A quick look at the open source web framework

Alessandro Molina, is CTO at Axant.it and a member of the TurboGears web framework development team. I recently got the chance to sit down with him to talk about the exciting opportunities TurboGears offers users, how being open source has affected the proejct, and what we should expect next.

  • The current focus of the TurboGears dev team is reducing dependencies and making the framework faster! [Discussed at 0:12]
  • Yes, TurboGears 2.1 and forward supports MongoDB! [Discussed at 1:56]
  • TurboGears make editing code on the fly very easy. [Discussed at 3:45]
  • It takes an open source community to raise a web framework. [Discussed at 4:57]

You can view the entire interview in the following video.