The Future Is Graph Databases

A conversation with the founder of Neo4J, Emil Eifrem

Emil Eifrem @emileifrem is the Founder of Neo4j and CEO of Neo Technology. He is also one of the authors of Graph Databases. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Emil and we talked about the current and future opportunities for graph databases.

Key highlights include:

  • Emil explains graph databases. [Discussed at 0:29]
  • Facebook Graph Search is a well-known example of a graph database. [Discussed at 3:28]
  • But really, graph databases can be used much more than social search. [Discussed at 4:50]
  • Neo4j is the original graph database. [Discussed at 5:25]
  • Graph databases “shape” data. [Discussed at 6:20]

You can view the full interview here: