Visualization of the Week: Booze, tipple, imbibe, or whatever you’d like to call it

A much needed break away from data transparency and privacy issues

Sooooooo. This is what happens when Jenn Webb attends Velocity this week and I briefly step in to cover the Strata Visualization of the Week element.

I could have focused on the Governments Search for Google Data visualization from Chris Canipe and Madeline Farbman of the Wall Street Journal. Or, I could have focused on Neal Ungerleider’s piece that covers Eric Fisher and MapBox for Gnip’s twitter metadata visualizations.  Yet, my curiosity took over once I came across The Economist’s High Spirits graphic. Not only do I make my own bitters which qualifies me for preliminary booze nerd status, I also needed a brief break away from the transparency issues currently dominating the data-oriented conversations. Following my booze nerd curiosity led me to this interactive data visualization of common cocktail ingredients:

Analysis of 25,000 recipes from and

Analysis of 25,000 recipes from and

Be careful though…it is easy to get sucked into it. I must have spent about 10 minutes before I realized that I should revisit it later.

Yet, it was a good 10 minute break.

Hat tip to Marko Plahuta of Virostatiq for highlighting this.

More visualizations:

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