Google Glass: What Developers Need to Know about This New Platform

Creating Glassware today and what's in store for tomorrow

You’ve likely already seen pictures of people using Google Glass, if not had an actual in-the-wild spotting as well. After getting a quick demo myself, I spoke with Maximiliano Firtman about his talk at Fluent conference that covers what developers need to start doing and thinking about when it comes to developing apps for this new environment.

Key highlights include:

  • The current version supports cloud-based web applications that can be built in any language using the Mirror API. [Discussed at 0:30]
  • A forthcoming SDK will support native app development, essentially Android apps written in Java. [Discussed at 2:20]
  • The only truly augmented reality type application currently available is Google Maps. [Discussed at 3:30]
  • Developers need to think outside the technical details as well, and spend time considering how people will be interacting with Google Glass—it’s a uniquely new paradigm with unique use cases. [Discussed at 4:14]
  • While the beta (Explorer) program is currently closed, Max expects to see more devices available and “on the street” within the next year. [Discussed at 6:10]

You can view the full interview here:


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