Controlling Drones with Clojure

OSCON 2013 Speaker Series

Carin Meier (@carinmeier) is Artisan at Neo, Founder of Gigsquid Software and OSCON 2013 Speaker. In this interview we talk about her love of Clojure and how she created a library to control her AR drone with it!

Key highlights include:

  • Clojure, a modern Lisp? [Discussed at 0:20]
  • Immutable data structures make Clojure powerful [Discussed at 1:01]
  • Yes, you can program an AR drone in Clojure [Discussed at 2:04]
  • But, how do you get started? It just takes three lines of code [Discussed at 3:47]

For the code behind the drone and Carin’s language Babar (inspired by Elephant 2000) check out her github page.

You can view the full interview here:


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