Citizen Bezos, ultralight content management systems, and byline analysis at the New York Times.

If last week’s news belonged to Nate Silver and his transformation of journalism, this week belongs to Jeff Bezos, and the hopeful speculation from many corners about his ability to revamp newspapers’ struggling business model. Slate concludes that If Anyone Can Save the Washington Post, It’s Jeff Bezos, pointing to his uncanny ability to find “new ways of selling old things.” Blogger Walter Russell Mead says that Bezos and the Post are part of a larger trend towards the marriage of tech and state. The Street says Bezos is not saving journalism, he’s saving Amazon, contending that the purchase is simply a power grab to preserve Amazon’s media and retail dominance. Meanwhile, Mashable calls Bezos Journalism’s New Best Friend.

A third installment of the TechRaking conference series produced by The Center for Investigative Reporting began on Wednesday. TechRaking III, “Mining the News,” is an invite-only event for journalists and data professionals, co-hosted by Google. will donate $10,000 in development time to help produce the winning project.

Traditional CMS’s were not designed with interactive news apps in mind, and as the number of “nerds in newsrooms” grows, so will the use and development of ultralight content management systems. Mozilla Open News lists the pros and cons of four ultralight CMS’s and their real-world application in newsrooms.

Citing “a boom of sorts in the graphic and visual depiction of news and analysis,” the Wall Street Journal reviews “Aesthetics: A Memoir” by illustrator Ivan Brunetti, in a space usually reserved for books about economics.

And finally, inspired by a data journalism class he took at Northwestern University, recent graduate Andrew Briggs used Django to build the new site WhoWritesFor, a system that combs the New York Times every five minutes to analyze the gender breakdown of writers featured on the homepage.

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