Innovation in j-schools, students as programmers, and an exciting new maps dataset in NYC.

According to a new Poynter NewsU survey, there is a huge chasm between academics and working journalists when it comes to ideas about journalism education. Most journalism professors believe that j-schools are graduating well-rounded journalists with valuable technical skills, but journalism practitioners say that very few graduates have all the skills it takes to be competitive in today’s digital world. Howard Finberg, Poynter’s director of training partnerships and alliances, writes that journalism schools need to adapt or risk becoming irrelevant.

Innovation in education was the theme of a panel at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication’s (AEJMC) conference last week in Washington DC: Why all your students must be programmers.

The Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri has announced a new partnership with NDX data services group. The two will collaborate on data-driven studies about newspaper publishing and distribution.

For aspiring data journalists who want to lend their coding skills to a newsroom, the Knight-Mozilla Fellowship program is accepting applications until August 17th. Knight-Mozilla fellows are coders, hackers, and data scientists who spend 10 months embedded with partner newsrooms.

Map nerds in New York City are super stoked, now that the city’s Department of Finance has finally released the MapPLUTO dataset (short for Property Land Use Taxlot Output), a trove of detailed tax lot characteristics for all 5 boroughs. CUNY Mapping Service director Steven Romalewski calls the dataset “the Rosetta Stone of spatial urban planning data.”

If you somehow missed Nate Silver’s “eleven principles for data journalism” talk at this year’s JSM in Montreal, here’s a recap.

And finally, listen to NPR apps editor and self-described “hacker journalist” Brian Boyer on the It’s All Journalism podcast, recounting the steps he took on the journey from programmer to data journalist.


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