Combining personal data with ratings for targeted medical information

HealthTap refines the answers returned to specific health queries

HealthTap is a community of doctors and clients seeking answers to health questions. Its central service provides immediate access to doctors and their knowledge either by doctors answering client questions in real time, or through a large database of previously answered questions and answers from doctors that are peer reviewed and tagged with recommendations by other doctors. By combining the doctors’ recommendations with data provided by each client on himself or herself, HealthTap provides customized results to queries. In this video, HealthTap CEO Ron Gutman explains unexpected lessons they’ve learned from offering the intelligent search service.

The video can be viewed here:

Highlights include:

  • Introduction to HealthTap. [Discussed at the 0:24 mark]
  • How data, ontologies, and database of peer-reviewed answers are used to improve relevance of insights returned to patients. [Discussed at the 03:06 mark]
  • The value of existing answers to future visitors, serving even people who may not have access to medical care. [Discussed at the 7:30 mark]
  • Visitors can refine questions, thus adding new, fine-grained information to the database. [Discussed at the 9:26 mark]
  • HealthTap engages visitors on their own terms. Input required from visitors is minimized because the system can draw relationships among the data and narrow down questions. [Discussed at the 10:58 mark]
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