Django Is Python’s Most Mature Web Framework

Testing, Python 3, and Dealing with Technical Debt

Nathan Yergler (@nyergler), Principal Engineer at Eventbrite, and I had a chance to talk Django at OSCON 2013. We talk about why Django is the go-to choice for Pythonistas and about the growing technical debt that each programmer has to deal with on Python projects and beyond.

Key highlights include:

  • Django is mature and feature complete amidst many Python frameworks [Discussed at 0:15]
  • Testing in Django leads to straightforward code that the next programmer can read as well as you can [Discussed at 1:02]
  • Dare we discuss Django’s weaknesses like: Is Django too monolithic? [Discussed at 2:43]
  • Django at long last supports Python 3! Check out Django 1.5 [Discussed at 4:06]
  • Dealing with technical debt while programming [Discussed at 5:36]

You can view the full interview here:

or listen to it here:


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