Ethics in data journalism, the Geojournalism Handbook, and the very first Nate Silver.

As is the case with practitioners of most emerging and rapidly expanding fields, data journalists are finding it increasingly necessary to generate a code of sorts to deal with ethical issues and problems. In The Times Regrets the Programmer Error, a newsroom developer at the New York Times asks whether it’s time to create a detailed and explicit corrections policy for data.

And Paul Bradshaw of Birmingham City University imagines what a code of ethics for data journalism would look like. Ethical guidelines are necessary because of the sheer volume of data available in public databases, he says.

Finalists for the Gannett Award for Technical Innovation in Digital Journalism were announced by the Online Journalism Association this week. They were the data visualization tool D3.js; Quartz, a digitally native news site for business people; and Tarbell, a content management system created by the Chicago Tribune News Applications Team (and named after muckraking journalist Ida Tarbell.)

Ecolab and its partners have published the online Geojournalism Handbook, which offers tutorials on environmental reporting. The handbook defines geojournalism as “the practice of telling stories with data generated by the Earth Sciences.”

And for a bit of data journalism history, the Media Development Investment Fund’s Kevin Anderson takes a look back to 1952: the first time a TV network used a computer, called Univac, to predict election results. He calls the room-sized, vacuum-tube powered contraption “the first Nate Silver.”

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