Four short links: 12 September 2013

PaaS Vendors, Educational MMO, Changing Culture, Data Mythologies

  1. Amazon Compute Numbers (ReadWrite) — AWS offers five times the utilized compute capacity of each of its other 14 top competitors—combined. (via Matt Asay)
  2. MIT Educational MMOThe initial phase will cover topics in biology, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics, providing students with a collaborative, social experience in a systems-based game world where they can explore how the world works and discover important scientific concepts. (via KQED)
  3. Changing Norms (Atul Gawande) — neither penalties nor incentives achieve what we’re really after: a system and a culture where X is what people do, day in and day out, even when no one is watching. “You must” rewards mere compliance. Getting to “X is what we do” means establishing X as the norm.
  4. The Mythologies of Big Data (YouTube) — Kate Crawford at UC Berkeley iSchool. The six months: ‘Big data are new’, ‘Big data is objective’, ‘Big data don’t discriminate’, ‘Big data makes cities smart’, ‘Big data is anonymous’, ‘You can opt out of big data’. (via Sam Kinsley)
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  • Jeremy

    Think “the six months” should read “the six myths”.

  • John Laughlin

    I understand the need for advancement, But I just hit 45 years old. I was there for the first computers in school, the apple IIE, during the war with Microsoft,. The original STAR TREK prophisied the SD Chip . However they could not predict how fast the tech. Would advance. To fast to soon has really caused a problem between parents and children, and associated people, and relations. We need to slow down tech advancement by at least 35% and allow the general population to catch up. No insult: intended.