Getting Started with Interactive Data Visualizations

Sourcing, Cleaning, and Processing Data to Create Interactive Data Visualizations for the Web

I recently sat down with Scott Murray (@alignedleft), Assistant Professor of Design at the University of San Francisco and Code Artist, to talk about creating interactive data visualizations. He’s also author of O’Reilly Media’s Interactive Data Visualization for the Web: An Introduction to Designing with D3. Scott and I discuss obtaining a clean data set, planning, consistency, accuracy, format issues, and the tools you should consider.

Key highlights include:

  • While we all have access to multiple data sources both public and private, how to ensure you have good clean data? [Discussed at 0:19]
  • Learn about the importance of consistency and format issues when creating your data visualizations. [Discussed at 1:40]
  • Using tools and scripts to clean your data. [Discussed at 2:39]
  • How to determine what’s interesting in your data and identifying the story by using both exploratory phase and explanatory review phases. [Discussed at 3:53]
  • Scott talks about how to obtain visual honesty. [Discussed at 5:52]
  • When designing your visualizations, how to avoid being accidentally dishonest. [Discussed at 7:21]
  • How to create your own toolset to meet your needs and match your skills. [Discussed at 9:02]
  • Learn about adding interactivity to make your message more powerful and valuable. [Discussed at 11:11]
  • You can view the full interview here: