The Internet of Things Needs the Laws of Robotics

How will our connected world navigate ethics and morality?

Joshua Marinacci (@joshmarinacci), is a researcher at Nokia, author, and speaker. We sat down recently to talk about the quickly growing internet of things and what the future might hold in terms of consequences both foreseen and unexpected.

Key highlights include:

  • And the internet of things is not actually so clearly defined [Discussed at 0:20]
  • The good, bad, and ugly of the internet of things [Discussed at 1:12]
  • Having every single thing connected is a risk [Discussed at 2:14]
  • The origin of The Laws of Robotics [Discussed at 3:24]
  • Should we be paying closer attention to The Laws as we populate the world with more and more robotics? [Discussed at 4:49]

You can view the full interview here:

or listen to it here:


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