Four Short Links: 25 November 2013

Drone Journalism, Mobile Web Dev, JS Book, and Chrome App Dev

  1. Drone Journalism“The newspaper was for still images,” said Mr. Whyld, who builds his own drones, “but the Internet is for this.” is the money shot from a NY Times piece (not linked to directly, as is paywalled)
  2. Best UX Patterns for Mobile Web Apps (Luke Wroblewski) — advice from Google Chrome Dev Summit.
  3. You Don’t Know JS (Github) — book in progress, funded by a Kickstarter.
  4. SparkA Chrome app based development environment with a reusable library of GUI widgets.
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  • vavsrhsu

    Awe. It’s paywalled just like all of the OReilly books and conferences that pay your salary. How terrible that the NYT isn’t giving away their work. How great you’re going to shame them into working for free. Maybe one day someone will do it to your snotty, self-righteous hypocritical rear end.