Four short links: 28 November 2013

Data Tool, Arduino-like Board, Learn to Code via Videogames, and Creative Commons 4.0 Out

  1. OpenRefine — (edited: 7 Dec 2013) Google abandoned Google bought Freebase’s GridWorks, turned it into the excellent Refine tool for working with data sets, now picked up and developed by open source community.
  2. Intel’s Arduino-Compatible Board — launched at MakerFaire Rome. (via Wired UK)
  3. Game Maven — learn to code by writing casual videogames. (via Greg Linden)
  4. CC 4.0 OutThe 4.0 licenses are extremely well-suited for use by governments and publishers of public sector information and other data, especially for those in the European Union. This is due to the expansion in license scope, which now covers sui generis database rights that exist there and in a handful of other countries.
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  • Appreciate the OpenRefine mention, but your comment about Google is incorrect. Not sure who told you that Google abandoned Refine, but it’s not true. It was developed and open sourced by Metaweb before Google acquired them. Google continued to develop it as an open source tool with the help of outside contributors (although they did the bulk of the heavy lifting), then eventually opened up governance of the project. We rebranded at that time and chose a new project lead (me), but other than that it’s the same set of committers, the same code, the same goals.