The Power of Code for Social Innovation

Help by doing what you love

Vanessa Hurst (@dbness), is a programmer that does good. She started CodeMontage, helps to guide Developers for Good and WriteSpeakCode and co-founded Girl Develop It . We sat down to talk about how coding and coders can truly make a different when it comes to social innovation.

Key highlights include:

  • What exactly is Social Innovation? [Discussed at 0:14]
  • The impact open source can have on social innovation is huge – [Discussed at 0:43]
  • Developers for Good – So you don’t have $10,000 to hand to your favorite charity, what about helping them redesign their website. [Discussed at 1:57]
  • How can you actually get involved? Check out Developers for Good, CodeMontage, or Social Coding for Good. [Discussed at 3:03]

You can view the full interview here:

or listen to it here:


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