Please nominate for the web platform awards

Recognizing the people who've built the Web

This March, we’ll be announcing the Web Platform Awards at the O’Reilly Fluent Conference. Fluent is all about JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and the best practices that make up the Web Platform, and we’d like to recognize the people who’ve made it the powerful ecosystem it is today.

The description is pretty simple, but I think includes a huge number of potentially great awardees:

The awards recognize individual contributors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the development of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and the supporting Web ecosystem.

We hope to hear about many ways people have “demonstrated exceptional leadership”. It may be standards, it may be coding, it may be explaining, it may be community, or it may well be something I haven’t thought of yet. What matters is that you can tell us why you think they should get an award.

We’ll be having the Fluent Advisory Board helping us select from that great and potentially huge list. That group includes Lea Varou (Independent), Doug Schepers (W3C), Bill Scott (PayPal), Mike Hostetler (appendTo), Scott Hanselman (Microsoft), and Paul Irish (Google).

Please let us know who you’d like to see recognized for their work, and we’ll do what we can recognize great people.

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