Four short links: 31 March 2014

Game Patterns, What Next, GPU vs CPU, and Privacy with Sensors

  1. Game Programming Patterns — a book in progress.
  2. Search for the Next Platform (Fred Wilson) — Mobile is now the last thing. And all of these big tech companies are looking for the next thing to make sure they don’t miss it.. And they will pay real money (to you and me) for a call option on the next thing.
  3. Debunking the 100X GPU vs. CPU Myth — in Pete Warden’s words, “in a lot of real applications any speed gains on the computation side are swamped by the time it takes to transfer data to and from the graphics card.”
  4. Privacy in Sensor-Driven Human Data Collection (PDF) — see especially the section “Attacks Against Privacy”. More generally, it is often the case the data released by researches is not the source of privacy issues, but the unexpected inferences that can be drawn from it. (via Pete Warden)
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  • Hoozuki

    Product Description

    E20-593 Exam

    Backup & Recovery Implementation Exam

    Exam Number/Code: E20-593

    Exam Name: Backup & Recovery
    Implementation Exam

    Questions and Answers: 166 Q&As

    Update Time: 2014-03-03

    Question: 1

    Which type of computing and storage
    environments does EMC NetWorker protect?

    A. DAS,
    NIS, SAN, and WAN

    B. SAN,
    NAS, DNS, and LAN

    C. LAN,
    SAN, DAS, and NIS

    D. NAS,
    SAN, DAS, and WAN

    Answer: D

    Question: 2

    An EMC NetWorker client has a network
    connection with direct access to a Data Domain Boost (DD Boost) storage device.
    The client’s 3 TB data disk is 98% full with 0.05% daily change rate. During
    the backup window the client’s CPU is 80% busy and the client’s network interface
    is 7% busy. Should Client Direct be recommended for this client?

    A. No;
    the CPU is heavily utilized

    B. No;
    the data disk is too full

    C. Yes;
    the data change rate is low

    D. Yes;
    direct network access to the DD Boost device exists

    Answer: A

    Question: 3

    Which EMC NetWorker component can prepare
    Backup Summary reports?

    A. NetWorker

    B. NetWorker
    Storage Node

    C. NetWorker
    Management Console

    D. NetWorker

    Answer: C

    Question: 4

    A company wants to implement EMC NetWorker
    Network edition. How many client connections and physical devices are included?


    Client connections = 10

    Physical devices = 16


    Client connections = 10

    Physical devices = 32


    Client connections = 12

    Physical devices = 16


    Client connections = 12

    Physical devices = 32

    Answer: A

    Question: 5

    A backup fails after running for three
    hours and 2 TB of data was backed up. When the failed backup resumes, the
    backup runs for 20 minutes and completes successfully. Which EMC NetWorker
    feature is in use?

    A. Synthetic

    B. Checkpoint

    C. Block
    based backup

    D. Multiplexing

    Answer: B

    Question: 6

    How is the EMC NetWorker Source Capacity
    Licensing Model measured?

    A. Aggregate
    of all spindles from all disk drives

    B. Aggregate
    of any backups from all data sources

    C. Aggregate
    of full backups from post-deduplication

    D. Aggregate
    of full backups from all data sources

    Answer: D

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