Radar gets a refresh

Radar is rolling out a new editorial approach and a responsive design.

Today we’re excited to roll out a number of important updates that refine Radar’s content and freshen up the site’s design.

A new approach

The most notable change is also the least obvious.

In the months ahead, Radar’s editorial mission will evolve through our exploration of new topics and new techniques. Of particular note is our theme structure, which helps us interpret important ideas and developments and, in turn, share how we believe they’ll affect you and your world. You’ll soon see insightful posts from all of our content leads that put our best thinking into these essential areas.

There’s also things you won’t find here at Radar. Generic tech news and flavor-of-the-moment coverage don’t have a place, nor are we interested in bombast or drive-by attention.

What we’re really looking to do is create and nurture a dialogue; a true give-and-take that challenges our assumptions and shapes our perspectives. To pull that off we need your help. So consider this an open invitation to take us to task and point us in new directions.

Better architecture and merged content

The other changes we’re rolling out are easier to spot.

We’ve replaced our old mobile site with a unified and responsive design that works across devices. And since we were already in the mood to clean house, we used this refresh to strip out sluggish components (goodbye, old widgets) and clean up pages. The result is a smoother site.

Radar responsive views

Finally, we’ve simplified our publishing structure by merging articles from our programming and data sites under Radar. Programming and data content will continue to be published, and we’re expanding our analysis and commentary into other topics as well. At the top of the page you’ll find a new topics menu that provides access to the areas we’re exploring.

Let us know

That open invitation mentioned earlier also extends to the changes we’ve announced today. Drop us a line if you have feedback.

All of us at O’Reilly appreciate the considerable time you’ve already invested with us. We hope you’re well served by these latest updates and by what we have in store.

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