Four short links: 18 September 2014

Writing Testable Code, Magical UIs, High-Performance ssh, and BASIC Lessons

  1. Guide to Writing Testable Code (PDF) — Google’s testable code suggestions, though C++-centric.
  2. Enchanted Objects (YouTube) — David Rose at Google talking about the UX of magical UIs. (via Mary Treseler)
  3. hpn-sshHigh Performance SSH/SCP.
  4. Lost Lessons from an 8-bit BASICThe little language that fueled the home computer revolution has been long buried beneath an avalanche of derision, or at least disregarded as a relic from primitive times. That’s too bad, because while the language itself has serious shortcomings, the overall 8-bit BASIC experience has high points that are worth remembering.
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  • Hmm, why link to the PDF of the “Guide: Writing Testable Code” rather than the HTML version?

    (both link to each other though)

    (oh, and thanks a lot for your “four short links”, there’s always something interesting in it)

  • Defenestrator

    HPN-SSH is neat (actually, really excellent), but the gap between it and OpenSSH has narrowed significantly over the years since its original release. Bigger (but I think still static) buffers, plus hardware support for ciphers that makes them as fast as the “None” cipher.