Experience Design Links and Fodder: March 6, 2015

Design and business, wise words, and software beyond a single device.

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It’s business time

Design does not exist in a bubble. Just as business people can benefit from design thinking, designers need to think about business, especially if they plan to launch products. Here’s how business and design come together.

bubbles_Mycatkins_FlickrSource: Cropped image by SAM Nasim on Flickr

Tweet of the week

Beyond the single device

O’Reilly’s Solid Conference made its debut to an enthusiastic audience in May 2014. Registration just opened for Solid 2015, which will have a dedicated Design track. To give you an idea of things to come, here’s Tim O’Reilly’s keynote address from last year’s conference, Software above the level of a single device: The implications.

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