Moving toward a zero UI to orchestrate the IoT

The O'Reilly Radar Podcast: Andy Goodman on intangible interfaces, and Cory Doctorow on the DMCA.


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In this week’s Radar Podcast episode, O’Reilly’s Mac Slocum chats with Andy Goodman, group director of Fjord’s Design Strategy. Goodman talks about the shift away from screen-based interfaces to intangible interfaces, what he calls “zero UI.” He also addresses the evolutionary path of embeddables, noting that “we already have machines inside us.”

Here are a few of the highlights:

Sensing technologies are allowing us to distribute our computers around our bodies and around our environments, moving away from monolithic experiences, a single device, to an orchestration of devices all working together with us at the center.

Our visual sense is the most important to us, so taking that away [with zero UI] actually leaves us, in some ways, a bit more vulnerable to things going wrong — we can’t see what is an error state in a haptic experience…it’s possible that we’re setting ourselves a lot of design challenges that we don’t know we have to solve yet.

As we miniaturize technology I can only see it going in one direction, where we actually start to put computational devices inside us.

We call [the IoT] ‘Living Services.’ It’s not just things connected together — it’s people, environments, vehicles. It’s an orchestration of all these different things together and to us that means it’s a living service, a service that can adapt and modify in real time to what an individual user might want.

Also in this podcast…

In our second segment this week, we have a special keynote presentation from author, activist, journalist, and blogger Cory Doctorow. Doctorow elegantly frames the problems inherent in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and lays out a plan he’s been working on with the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Apollo 1201 Project to do something about it — and he explains how you can help.

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