Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas is a visionary and expert who is well-versed in many diverse technology subjects. With experience ranging from hardware and electronics to high level business consulting, he combines authority and deep knowledge with an ability to make complex subjects easy to understand. He often brings a fresh perspective to a topic with surprising insights, and he has an ability to identify underlying principles and connections between different topics. More than two hundred of his articles have been published in print and syndicated worldwide.

Failure is a fundamental component of business evolution

The MtGox bitcoin exchange failure illustrates exactly how capitalism should work.

This post originally appeared on Andreas Antonopoulos’ personal biographical site; it is republished here with permission. In the free market, failure is always an option. The United States has one of the world’s most vibrant entrepreneurial cultures, where millions of people start small businesses, create new products and invent new technology. Part of the startup culture is the…
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Bitcoin security model: trust by computation

A shift from trusting people to trusting math.

Bitcoin is a distributed consensus network that maintains a secure and trusted distributed ledger through a process called “proof-of-work.” Bitcoin fundamentally inverts the trust mechanism of a distributed system. Traditionally, as we see in payment and banking systems, trust is achieved through access control, by carefully vetting participants and excluding bad actors. This method of trust requires encryption,…
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The crypto-currency ecosystem

A taxonomy of alt-coins, meta-coins and blockchain-riders.

Just like the IP protocol, bitcoin is the culmination of several important advancements, all combining to form a paradigm-changing innovation. The Internet Protocol was not just an arrangement of headers and payload. It also represented the triumph of packet-switching, layered protocols and distributed routing algorithms — four or five critical innovations, combined in a single implementation that changed the…
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Bitcoin is a money platform with many APIs

If you equate Bitcoin with digital cash, you're missing the bigger picture.

Bitcoin is much more than just a digital currency. It is a protocol, a network, a currency and a transaction language. Most of all, though, it is an application programming interface (API) for money. Nowadays, bathroom scales and fridges have APIs, so why not money? Traditional money does have APIs, but they are closed. You can program the merchant API…
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