Apr 29

Rael Dornfest

Rael Dornfest

Rails Day 2005

Could we be any more explicit about our appreciation for and expectations of Ruby on Rails? Aside from writing about it left, right, and center; including it in our publishing plans; and packing more Rails goodness into our Open Source Convention than you can shake a stick at, that is. (Not to mention Rails hacking in any spare waking moments.)

We've also just put our money where our radar is by supporting Rails Day 2005, a 24 hour Ruby on Rails hackathon put together by Lucas Carlson and friends.

It's been inspiring to see a community spend as much time on exemplar applications as on the framework itself. There seems this inherent understanding among Rails advocates that making something understandable is about as important as making it work -- something we obviously care a great deal about at O'Reilly.

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Comments: 5

  anonymouse [04.29.05 05:24 PM]

Sad you seem to ignore Perl's Catalyst completely. :(

  Robby Russell [05.03.05 03:05 PM]


I'd guess that is because in the Perl world, Catalyst is (yet another framework). In the Ruby world, it's practically (the framework). Also, the Catalyst site doesn't give too much information on the front page... so it's not going to attract as many people until they get something up there. Ruby on Rails has a good marketing department. ;-)

  anon [05.03.05 08:24 PM]

Perl is so 90's.

  Lucas Carlson [05.28.05 07:04 PM]

Come one, come all, registration has been opened for Rails day.

  Tom [06.05.05 03:35 PM]

From the Rails Day site: "Ruby on Rails is hyped to increase productivity, but given only 24 hours to create a web app, will it hold true?"

What has this to do with increasing productivity? First, creating a Web app in, say, two hours, is readily do-able in Java, Python, Perl, even Ruby off Rails. So that can't be a usful criteria. Among the hype for Rails is that it makes you more productive than other languages; unless Rails Day offered control cases, this was nothing more than Yet Another Product Pitch (AKA Sales Day).
Hope everyone sells a lot of books and services.

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