May 19

Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund

New products from Google

New products from Google, as discussed at the Factory Tour...

  • AdSense for Feeds - announced by Jason Shellen of Blogger fame; works with any RSS feed.
  • Google Earth - announced by John Hanke, founder of Keyhole; unreleased software; new name for Keyhole product launching in a few weeks; new global database; Sergey: "I've never been to the Grand Canyon, and now I don't have to go"; new dataset, much better resolution; integrates 3D mapping data with Google search, so you can type in a search term and go to it; also integrates with driving directions; very impressive demo.
  • fusion - announced by Marissa Mayer; "one more thing, so to speak"; one centralized place for all your data; announcing first of the "fusion" products; Google personalized home page; toggle between classic and personalized; benefits: easy to set up, clean, crisp, "Googley" (per Dorothy Parker,"Tonstant Radar fwowed up"); integrates across Google products; 1-2 months will accepts any rss feed into your home page, effectively a feed reader; nice ajax editing and drag and drop rearrangement; doesn't yet seem like this is any more than my yahoo; q&a: Q-what do you think you're doing that my yahoo isn't doing? A-critical mass of push-style applications, different than MyY! by being easier to set up; Q-why not more than just the feeds listed there? A-we launched this today, pulled up from June 30th launch plan [hm, why?] to show now, universal RSS support will follow.

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Comments: 4

  Ranmar Hillencotter [05.20.05 01:08 AM]

I thought that fusion was more 'Bloods' than 'Crips' personally. But thats just me.

  Marc Hedlund [05.20.05 07:25 AM]

Fixed. I find it funny that my spellchecker (in Ecto) had no problem with 'crips'.

  andrew [05.24.05 05:02 PM]

I find google's personalized version hard on my eyes to scan for stories i am interested in reading

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