May 23

Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund

Top Ten Reasons Episode IV is Better Than Episode III

10. Vader kills someone with his bare hands in the first five minutes.
9. Unlike her mother, Leia doesn't sit around her apartment crying all the time.
8. Not just a silent Jar-Jar -- no Jar-Jar at all.
7. Even old, hermit Jedi don't let stormtroopers shoot them in the back.
6. More walking trashcans.
5. Uncle Owen way grumpier than Yoda.
4. Computer-generated bad guys don't hit their heads on the doors.
3. Mark Hamill, believe it or not, is a much better actor than Hayden Christensen.
2. Travelling through hyperspace ain't like dustin' crops, boy.
1. Willing suspension of disbelief much easier when you're six.

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Comments: 4

  Eduardo Mendez [05.24.05 04:17 AM]

Ha, ha, very good. I saw "The Revenge.." yesterday here in Spain with my children. It starts like a children movie with robots hitting on the walls and crying "hey, let's go out of here", but it transforms in a dramatic demonstration of innecesary cruelty.

And, for me, too many explanations trying to justify that Episode IV comes after this one.

My favorite episode: The Empire Strikes Back

  AL [05.24.05 02:00 PM]

This is really sad, if this were any other movie it would not even pass as a good movie, dialogs are weak and so is the story, none of the top 10 reason really is worth it. Face it, George wanted more money, and he found a target segment and is pilliging it to death.


may the schwartz be with you

  Marc Hedlund [05.24.05 02:11 PM]

Hey, Al, lighten up! :)

  Shaun [05.27.05 05:42 AM]

Why Episode III is better than IV

10. Soon to be Vader beheads someone with two lightsabors after cutting off both of his hands in the first 15 min.
9. Unlike her mother, Leia is not nearly as hot!! (even pregnant) 8. ok, ok, I have to give you the Jar Jar one.
7. There were more than just one hermit Jedi to be shot in the back (by allied clone troopers mind you) 6. Less walking trashcans 5. Yoda kicks way more ass than Uncle Owen (his ass got torched) 4. Computer-generated bad guys look way better than grown men in rubber suits.
3. Hayden Christensen plays an evil badass, Mark Hamill play a whining farm boy (lets not forget the power converters line) 2. You were supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them.
1. Willing suspension of disbelief reminds us of when we were six.

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