Jun 25

Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund

How many engineers does it take to open a DVD package?

Today I bought a pack of blank, recordable DVD discs. I got them home and went to open one. As I struggled with the obnoxious packaging everyone loves to hate, it suddenly occurred to me -- wait a minute, wasn't this Fort Knox plastic wrap supposed to make it hard to steal CDs and DVDs with recordings on them? Why do I need to fight for five minutes to open the packaging on a BLANK disc? The disc itself is worth less than a dollar!

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Comments: 5

  Michael [06.26.05 04:07 AM]

Extra precaution to keep the dust out ;-)

  Alex Chauvin [06.26.05 06:19 AM]

Old enginner technic: "always go to a known situation prior any new action"

Maybe this can help:

  Marc Hedlund [06.26.05 07:37 AM]

Alex, you're right, once a solution was in place for "loaded" CDs, momentum carried the same solution to places it doesn't really belong. The "DRM-encoded silent songs" on iTunes, and Clay Shirky's inability to copy a DVD of himself talking are two other examples of the same kind of ridiculousness. Expect more!

  Michael Wells [06.27.05 02:46 PM]

Worse yet, you're probably paying for that plastic. In the early 90's (I'm sure it's cheaper now), CD manufacturers charged 25 cents per disc to shrinkwrap the jewel case.

  Ruckus [02.06.06 12:03 PM]

the DUST is main reason

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