Jun 24

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

New Microsoft RSS Extensions

I sent around to my editors a link to the slashdot story on new Microsoft RSS extensions. John Osborn wrote back:

Interviews with the team responsible for the work -- now named the Longhorn Browsing and RSS Team, formerly the IE team -- can be found on Channel 9. The extensions will be released under the Creative Commons "share alike with attribution" license.
Looks like the Channel 9 posting has some video demos and lots of discussion, but no downloads yet. Note the move by Microsoft to adopting Creative Commons licenses rather than rolling their own new ones. A lot of other companies could learn from that behavior!

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Comments: 3

  Korakot Chaovavanich [06.25.05 09:13 AM]

"Share alike with attribution" is pretty much like GPL, though it doesn't have the anti-microsoft connotation that comes with GPL.

  Tim O'Reilly [06.25.05 10:00 AM]

David Berlind of ZDnet has some interesting comments on this announcement over on his blog. He goes a bit overboard seeing it as a death-knell for Atom, but makes some interesting points about how Microsoft's RSS extensions address one of the arguments for Atom. He also points out how these extensions could make handling various media types in RSS feeds much easier.

  Paul [12.16.05 06:57 PM]

It's Microsoft tendency... everythings on their own extensions.. wanna be on every PC? Use Microsoft extensions...

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