Jul 6

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Cory Doctorow Booksigning in SecondLife

Cory Doctorow writes (in email):

In preparation for my in-game virtual booksigning in Second Life, the Seocnd Lifers held a competition to design a virtual copy of my novel. The winner has just been announced and the virtual text is now freely available in-game. It's a really sweet virtual artifact, too, designed by Second Lifer Falk Bergman.
I love the mixing of real and virtual that's happening in SecondLife. This is definitely "News from the Future."

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Comments: 2

  Greg Rollins [07.07.05 12:09 PM]

Saw the comment, went inside, got my copy, and damn it's nice. Thanks for the tip!

  Prokofy Neva [07.26.05 05:59 PM]

Yes, an artifact, a "book" in just once copyable exemplar with no possibility yet for others to publish their works..we still don't have book-publishing technology in Second Life for lots of reasons, see my "Will Gutenberg Come to the Virtual World?"

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