Jul 6

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Mad Scientist's Club at Squid Labs in Emeryville

Saul Griffith wrote:

Squid Labs is hosting a tech night tomorrow in Emeryville as a broad outlet for your creative expertise and artistic expression. Bring a slide show of the coolest thing you've done recently, or a neat object you have crafted, or a problem you'd like to brainstorm, or a paper you found buried in the literature that illuminates the secrets of the universe, or just something that burns or explodes in an elegant way. If you don't have any of those things just come along to laugh with everyone else and to challenge your balance atop the hybrid electric chopper.

With some luck you might even go home with a 3D model of your face. If you get bored you can paint the dune buggy.

For those who dare we'll have sharp tools, welding equipment, sharks with freakin' laser beams ( I mean a laser cutter), a hydrodynamics tank, and we might even get our wind tunnel operational. Mix the above with fine cheeses and cheap wine and hopefully everyone will go home with 10 fingers. If Corwin pulls his finger out, the NC Plasma Cutter might be ready in time to make lattice work of your refrigerator.

Bring a plate, a bottle, or just some fine looking scrap metal or interesting trash to add to the evening's resources.

Starts at 7, come early for the seats closest to the table saw... and...sorry for the late notice, but by now you all know I'm just like that.....

A more formal description (and address) is in the MIT Club of Northern California calendar. RSVP to saul at or petermui at

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  Welding Place [07.06.05 08:41 PM]

Sounds like a lot of fun and you get a feed as well.



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