Jul 21

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Reinventing Radio

IT Conversations has Reinventing Radio online. It's a presentation from this year's Emerging Technology Conference, given by Messrs Biddulph, Coates, Hammond, and Webb. In it, they lay out some ideas (ranging from deployed to proposed) for reinventing how listeners put radio into their lives. Follow along with this PDF of the paper. I like all their work, particularly group listening--Rael and I tried doing this just with RealAudio tuned to the BBC and an AIM chat. It was fun and let two remote workers from Portland and Colorado to get just one bit closer to the communal ambience of a shared office (without the hassles of people stealing your food from the fridge). Don't miss other IT Conversations recordings from ETech 2005 and other presentation files from the conference.

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  yoma1991 [07.31.05 07:11 PM]

For whom are more comfortable in Japanese than in English, I wrote a summary of the presentation in Japanse here.

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