Jul 18

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

TrimPath: Wow!

TrimPath is amazing! They have a bunch of Javascript projects. Check out the demo spreadsheet and TrimQuery, as well as JavaScript Templates and TrimBreakpoint (for debugging JavaScript, always my bane). The latest project is TrimJunction, a port of Ruby on Rails to JavaScript. It's a set of tools for building Rich Internet Apps in JavaScript, libraries to help with the J part of Ajax. Very cool stuff!

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Comments: 3

  Kyle Adams [07.20.05 10:00 AM]

Very fun stuff as a proof-of-concept, but in all honesty the Javascript Templates gave me the jibblies. The whole point of templating languages is to yank the logic out of the presentation tier. Hiding it in a textarea does not qualify.

  mkb [07.20.05 12:59 PM]

As much as I love the richer web-UI experience that Ajax offers, I am uncomfortable with so much weight shifting onto Javascript's scrawny shoulders. Javascript development tools are poor and implementations are buggy and inconsistent.

What will it take for script language="python|perl|java" to become a reality?

  Theodor Zoulias [10.08.05 03:36 PM]

A somewhat superficial performance test of JavaScript Templates, coupled with a faster engine implementation, can be found here.

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