Jul 10

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Where 2.0: A Collection of Map Hacking Goodies

In the wake of the APIs announced at Where 2.0, we have a flood of new map hacks. Via Phil Torrone and sundry tags, I give you:

  • Map of free Wifi in NYC. It's worth noting that Google Local does this too, but without a master directory.
  • gmapPedometer. Double-click on the map to mark waypoints, and the app tells you the total distance defined by the waypoints. You must click at every intersection, otherwise it assumes you can walk through buildings, because Google hasn't exposed a routing API.
  • Google Maps Transparencies lets you view a street map in the context of the satellite photo of the area. It's interesting how the map doesn't line up with the photo. It's unclear how much of this is a datum problem (c.f. the Google Earth demo at Where 2.0 where someone in the audience pointed out that the overlaid road didn't line up with the actual road) and how much is the natural fuzziness of the Ajax UI being imprecise about clicks and locations.
  • Yahoo! News over a Yahoo! map. Either the app or the Yahoo! maps API seemed easily confused by clicking and dragging: it was soon displaying the wrong map for the points (or vice-versa).
  • Google Earth Hacks is a blog devoted to cool stuff done with Google Earth. Notable examples: London Attacks and Tour de France locations. The site seems more about being a for KML files that about actually hacking stuff with Google Earth.
  • Been Mapped is adding community to the Google satellite imagery sightseeing craze. You can build your own playlist, vote and rank locations, etc.
  • Find US webcams by zipcode. This is slow and doesn't appear to contain nekkid web cams, so I don't predict it will take the net by storm.
  • Latest 2.5+ earthquakes. Uses mygmaps as the platform. Mmm, Pacific Rim of Fire goodness!
  • plots publicly-available incident data (only available for selected cities, as it relies on the local cities/counties putting the information online and most don't).
  • Vancouver tourist map. Very cool!
  • Add geocoding to the Google Javascript API. It uses instead of scraping the geocoder built into the Google Maps website.
  • And finally, Google Maps Mania is a blog tracking the maps hackers. Most of the links I've just given have appeared on there.

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Comments: 27

  Folkestone Gerald [07.12.05 01:40 AM]

Hi, though it's a little parochial I thought I'd mention my own google map hack here, and interactive map of pubs, by what facilities they have:

  Ben K [07.13.05 03:20 PM]

Here's another map hack, this one shows the venture funding in Southern California.

  Ben K [07.13.05 03:24 PM]

Also another Google Map hack, this one mapping reviews of local restaurants and dining establishments.

  Jerome O'Flaherty [07.15.05 06:28 AM]

Here is another Google Map Hack, this one show Live Web Cameras around Dublin. Click on the marker to see the latest image at that point: Dublin Web Cams

  sanford sklansky [07.17.05 08:23 PM]

I am having trouble figuring out how to use the gmap pedometer. How do I get from the U.S. map to my city? I tried dragging that bar across to my state, but it goes way past it.

  Mike [07.23.05 05:46 PM]

Here is my Real Estate solution using Google Maps Real Estate Search with Google Maps

  Mike [07.23.05 05:50 PM]

Not sure why the link didn't work in the previous post... Here is is again Real Estate Search with Google Maps

  Ousama Abushagur [07.26.05 11:42 AM]

Here is our solution for finding hotels anywhere in the world based on your address and filtering by amenities and such.

  3G-Dev [07.26.05 04:35 PM]

This was beta released a couple of weeks ago by It combines Hotels + Google Maps, with the ability to dynamically narrow a city search by price, ratings, and proximity to landmarks using sliders that change the map in real-time.

  Mike Wylie [07.27.05 07:02 PM]

We launched another Hotel + Google Maps site called with a Google like search engine.

  betty chang [08.17.05 08:46 AM]

Hi -- I recently started this site locating the amateur radio licenses in the U.S. (a.k.a. "hams")

  lisa [09.02.05 09:57 AM]

Great new beta for moving 3D into Google Earth. This is awesome:

  Folkestone Gerald [09.20.05 04:58 AM]

Got another one, Folkestone property map, property for sale by number of bedrooms, price, etc...

  V. [10.06.05 01:22 PM]

Google Map Builder is an excellent tool that is used to build custom Google maps without any knowledge of the GMaps API and JavaScript. MapBuilder provides a decent visual interface for the map building process, which includes geocoding features. Also MapBuilder lets users tag locations on their maps, and then publish the map either on or their own website.

  amateur [10.06.05 02:43 PM]

i found a few good things here, thx for the information

  fernan [11.04.05 01:45 PM] allows you to post photos over Google Maps with only one click.

  confused [12.07.05 03:57 PM]

Here is another real estate listings (For Sale by Owner properties) mash-up that also combines google earth:

  Alex [03.23.06 12:09 PM]
There are five mapping programs currently on this site:

1. Zip Code Boundary Map

2. 3 Digit Zip Code Boundary Map

3. Town/City Boundary Map

4. County Boundary Map

5. Core Based Statistical Area (FIPSCSA) Boundary Map

  Anna [05.31.06 06:19 AM] is another web site that use Google map to display the real estate properties. Very neat.

  hus [10.05.06 12:03 PM]

Nice website with useful tips Google Maps.
See my website in the Netherlands: (in development)

  Phillip [01.23.08 06:11 PM]

Here's another site that offers search and listing capabilities for FSBO's and realtors.

For Sale By Owner

  reviews [02.18.08 08:43 PM]

Nice website with useful tips Google Maps.

  reviews [02.18.08 08:45 PM]

very nice, i think its extremely useful!

  Części Mazda [04.24.08 08:07 AM]

Really good post .Thanks man

  g.roger weikart [05.24.08 05:55 AM]

i would like a map of wind in my area columbiana co. 44460

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