Aug 31

Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund

Kiko, Backed by Y Combinator, Launches

Another of the companies I saw at Y Combinator just launched: Kiko, which makes an Ajax calendar application with some cool features. Given that the major Web calendars haven't changed much in the past few years, it's nice to see a fresh look at an app like this. What impressed me the most about these guys was how much they got done in such a short amount of time -- with two people and two months, they built a very slick and functional setup. I look forward to seeing them add some of their planned features in the months to come.

Congrats on the launch, guys.

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Comments: 4

  aram [08.31.05 09:17 AM]

Ironically, when I first started using, my first comment to them was they need to add a calendar.

  pablotossi [09.01.05 05:51 AM] offline now!!! it hurts!!!!

  sassy [09.16.05 04:03 PM]

try it seems less buggy, and i can share my calendar with friends on my blog. Oh theres SMS alerts to my cellphone. neat!

they even have funny calendars: see george bush's life:

  paul graham [10.08.05 10:25 PM]

Wow, that post sounds almost exactly as if it
were made by a real user. Except:


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