Sep 23

Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund

Etsy's Excellent Visualizations

I had seen Etsy, the marketplace for handmade goods, but not its excellent visualizations, until Upendra showed them to me this week. Check these out:

Keep in mind that this company launched in June. It sounds like these are mostly the work of Jared Tarbell. Compliments to him and the Etsy team for making an already-excellent site that much more fun to use.

(You can keep up with their new feature releases on the Etsy Garden, "a place to watch our ideas grow.")

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Comments: 2

  Pete Cashmore [09.23.05 06:18 AM]

Yes, these tools are great, and will really make etsy stand out. These guys don't just say they like art and DIY culture - they walk the walk, too. I wish them loads of luck, not that they need it!

  nick [03.07.07 10:28 PM]

for those who would like to use easy yet sophisticated 3D graphics for visualization I would suggest 3d visualization

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