Oct 22

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Clive Thompson

I was very impressed reading this fantastic piece on Life Hacks in which the author completely channelled Rael's thinking about ETech '06. It's eerie to have sat beside Rael in dozens of cars and hotel rooms, hearing him figure out what's interesting and what's important, and then read about it in the New York Times. Either Clive Thompson, the author of the piece, has secretly planted microphones on Rael or he's really really good. I'm forced to discount the bug theory after reading his blog: he is that good. Check out his pieces on neuromarketing, wifi in disasters, and his commentary on the number of songs on MP3 players. And, for gravy, he points to this amazing movie from Halo. He's definitely someone to watch.

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  vanderwal [10.26.05 07:41 PM]

Clive is that good and more. But, the subject of his latest article in the NY Times has been the fodder in the design community for the last couple years, at least in the HCI, usability, and information architecture parts of the design world. Many of the conferences in this arena have focussed on this in the last couple years. It is good to see O'Reilly catching up on conversations (I say this in jest).

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