Oct 1

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Email to Blog Etiquette

This is a first for me, but I expect it will eventually become common. I received an email with the following addition to the signature block:

this email is: [ ] bloggable [x] ask first [ ] private
Now that's a social hack that could one day be replaced by a technical hack. Email messages could have "bloggable" as a mime-type for example, and forwarding to a blog client would set up an entry. Lacking that mime-type, you'd have to resort to cut and paste, as now...

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Comments: 13

  Alex Bradbury [10.01.05 11:49 AM]

This email technique was described on 43Folders. It's an article worth reading, though like most "life hacks" is pretty obvious in places.

  Imran Ali [10.01.05 11:59 AM]

Perhaps if email clients added Creative Commons licenses to every outgoing messages, you could approximate and automate the same behaviour?

  Merlin [10.01.05 12:12 PM]

That bit of my post actually spun out of a talk with Ross Mayfield (who I think came up with the "Bloggable" idea)

Would be neat to pass stuff like that with metadata and a human-readable icon. (e.g. "Don't quote me!!" and a little face with an "X" over the mouth)

@Alex: "Obvious" _definitely_ ain't obvious in about 80% of my email from strangers. :)

  Bob [10.01.05 05:15 PM]

Automated license attachments? technical hacks around social ettiquete? No thanks. To illustrate the point: isn't that email signature insert missing a few lines? E.g. "This email is discussable at the [ ] watercooler, [ ] gym, [ ] pub".

  Roland Tanglao [10.03.05 12:30 AM]

Yup, I can confirm that it's Ross's meme and that Phil Wolff and I picked it up soon after Ross originated it:

  Siri Dhyan Singh [10.03.05 03:25 PM]

Ah very nice. I recently requested some assistance from an author on a work influenced by his. His response was the best 'no' I've received and I wanted to share it, but didn't know whether that was appropriate.

A sig like that would've really helped! :D

  Emmet [10.04.05 12:46 PM]

I hope you asked permission before posting this...

  jeff nolan [10.04.05 03:18 PM]

Ross Mayfield gets credit for this, I lifted the idea from him back in mid 2004.

  reed [10.06.05 02:38 PM]

I would make it an "X-" header rather than a MIME type, MIME types can't really be extended with attributes like that. You could include a brief identifier for a Creative Commons license in the header, as well.

X-Permission-To-Republish: yes|no|ask
X-Copyright-License: CC:by-nd

Bob: As long as the permission is informative rather than somehow enforced by something, I don't see the problem.

  Don McDaniel [12.19.05 12:01 PM]

Why do you tolerate the Dingle spin and not fight back with facts? Find out how many of his grandchildren are not allowed to sing Christmas carols in their schools. Ask your audience how many Christmas bashing incidents have occured in his State!
Don McDaniel
Maryville, Tennessee

  Tim O'Reilly [12.19.05 03:02 PM]

Don --

You've got the wrong O'Reilly....

  Rolv Heggenhougen [05.21.08 01:21 PM]

Companies have websites and employees who send emails – we connect the two and we do it on a server level so nothing is installed on any desktop and no routines change. Clients can send wrapped email from any email client including cell phones.

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• No red x’s a
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• WrapMail has complete reporting on who is clicking on what when – including instant click alerts
• The email comes from a real person and not a noreply robot – replies to wrapped emails will go through a wrap-removal process and be re-wrapped around the entire thread of the conversation
• Wraps can change based upon sender, recipient(s), time, rotation, feed (RSS for example) and/or subject
• Every employee becomes a marketer/salesrep!
• Delivery assurance program that sends a text-only duplicate to recipients who have not before received a wrapped email (we maintain a domain-list)

For B2C companies and horizontal B2B this is really a no-brainer – the emails are being sent anyway.

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