Oct 10

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Google Maps + Flash = VGMap

Mike Frumin from Eyebeam has released VGMap. It lets you overlay Flash vector art on top of a Google Map. It's very cute (see the NYC Subway map demo app) and represents another step along the path that takes GIS technology from specialized desktop suites to general purpose web apps. I wonder how long it'll take someone to integrate WFS ....

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Comments: 9

  paolo [10.10.05 02:00 PM]

I'm not at all an expert of GIS, but I found these some weeks ago. And they plot WFS data on Google maps, if I'm not wrong

"Integrate layers on map from any WMS server and do transparent overlays.
For this I developed a simple JavaScript library."
[1st trivial example]
[2nd trivial example (NL)]
[NASA/JPL Layers]
[Catalunya maps]

"I’m currently working on a way to use OGC’s WFS (Web Feature Service) to plot points, polygons, etc. onto Google Maps. I’ve got it to work pretty well for simple points, polylines, and polygons. Give this a try:" (follow the link)

  Darryl Lyons [10.11.05 02:02 AM]

I've seen a similar Google Maps hack, without using Flash.. This site overlays the Chicago Transit Authority lines.

  Michael Frumin [10.12.05 10:15 AM]

So there are definitely other options for drawing layers on top of GMaps. The examples you list for pulling in WFS are definitely good routes. But none offer the interactive and animative possibilities of Flash, and also require setting up your own WFS which is a significant barrier to entry.


  Andrei Taraschuk [06.22.06 10:20 AM]

Hi Everyone,

I just want to let you guys know that we've developed Flash Component
that uses Google Maps API. At this point the Google Maps Flash
Component is pretty simple, it loads map data and allows to plot
points. You can see the example and download a free copy at

Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions, i would be
happy to hear your feedback.

Thanks, Andrei

  manish [02.03.07 02:52 AM]

I have question regarding the flash layer that is added over the google map.
When the flash layer is added over the google map, does the functionality of google map still work. Like the callouts that apper over the tags in google maps.

  Shane McCartney [04.05.07 07:37 AM]

That solution is interesting but for more control over the look and feel of the UI I have provided Flash as2 source code for google maps and virtual earth maps on my site. The AS engine though can work on any tile map source. Download the source here

  jesus [05.17.07 11:17 AM]

See my Google Maps + Cadastre mashup. It has been done using WMS integration.

  jesus [05.17.07 11:17 AM]

See my Google Maps + Cadastre mashup. It has been done using WMS integration.

  Tanapon [11.20.08 11:06 PM]


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