Nov 30

Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund

Digg vs.

Interesting that the curves fit so well.

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Comments: 6

  cxs [11.30.05 11:36 PM]

curvefitting - checkout AAPL vs. GOOG

  david [12.01.05 12:38 AM]

What caused the peak in the beginning of august?

  Chewxy [12.01.05 12:44 AM]

The peaking in August was when suddenly a lot of people got interested in the buzz word of blogs. Obviously digg and delicious would get an increase in hits too. Naturally, they died down pretty quickly.
You can check blogger.. there are so many blogs that started around July - September, and are now defunct, and no more updated. Sigh.

  Joel [12.01.05 07:42 AM]

"What caused the peak in the beginning of august?"

Maybe it was back to school? Students have a new computer and broadband wireless? The drop-off in posting may come after everyone settles in and discovers pr0n and file sharing? ;-)

  Jason [12.04.05 06:06 PM]

The folks at Alexa told me about a couple of peaks that were caused by China turning off access to a bunch of domains. When those domains get taken out the other domains shoot up in the rankings and then come back down. If you do a two year report on Engadget, Slashdot, and Gizmodo for example you'll see these things go up and down together.

  DK [12.09.05 10:01 AM]

This is my personal take. I associate the increase in blogs with my own sudden desire to check them out. I had never wanted to see one until the news story about that girl who was kidnapped by her 19? year old boy-friend. You may remember that the boyfriend shot the parents and drove away with the girl. It was a mystery to whether she was kidnnapped or willingly went. I cant remember names, but this is what suddenly sparked my interest, because it was widely reported that she and he had maintained a blog. And then I started wanting to check out other peoples.

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