Nov 21

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

ETel: Makers Wanted!

Are you hacking something cool around voice-over-IP, Skype, Google Talk, gaim, Asterisk, VoiceXML, or similar technology? We want to know about it! We're looking for participants in the ETel Fair at our Emerging Telephony conference (conference is Jan 24-26, San Francisco; Fair is the evening of the 25th). We want cool hacks, funky devices, awesome apps. The fair is like a poster session with booze: you and a dozen others each have a demo of your system and a poster describing it, and conference attendees and the general public get to walk around, drinks in hand, grilling you about how it works, how much work it would take to add feature X, or whether you want to work for them/be acquired by them/come back to their hotel room for drinks and "session initiation". If that sounds like you, drop mail to me (gnat AT and Surj (surj.patel AT and tell us what you've got ...

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  skibare [11.22.05 06:29 AM]

how about giving out FREE online Websites and being able to market VOIP to others .........investment ZERO, payout unlimited


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