Nov 8

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Links: Nov 8, 2005

You pull your left link out, you pull your right link out, hide all the politics and shake your tech about ...

  • Stanford Center for Position, Navigation and Time--center of excellence for GPS and related technology, featuring one of the original architects of the GPS system, [via] [via
  • Yade X--Mac tool to rip individual chapters of a movie. I used it to pull the audio from Here Come The ABCsby They Might Be Giants and encode it as MP3 with lame. This should keep my daughter happy on the flight to New Zealand.
  • Is Open Source A Bubble Ready To Burst?--and by "open source" they mean "venture funding in open source". I've always viewed VC funding of open source as being like telco investment in infrastructure: even if the telco can't figure out how to make it work, the copper's still in the ground, the fibre's still laid to the home, the source is still available for people to continue building upon. What's insane is promoting VC funding of closed source companies: if they go south, their software is either sold at bargain basement prices to a competitor (net improvement to world: bugger all) or ends up locked in a trunk in an investment company unlikely to ever see life.
  • Mind Camp writeup--Seattle-area Foo Camp style event. Sounds like a great time! [via]
  • Internet Connected Components--when Google Maps first came out, I called it a component rather than an API. Components have presentation magic built-in, whereas a web service is just a data pipe. The trick is how to make money by providing components.
  • BTV Pro--using this to make time-lapse movies of our packing using an iSight.
  • NBC and CBS to offer 99c shows--NBC through DirecTV, CBS through ComCast. Interesting that AOL aren't part of any of this--they demonstrated rare competency with the Live8 shows.
  • Home Sweet Home--nice Google Maps-style map of New Zealand. That link is to the street I'll be living on (the one I grew up on). Zoom out twice for a bit of context. We overlook the harbour.
  • Serious Games, Serious Computing--creator of America's Army spoke at the 2005 High Performance Computing Users Conference.

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