Nov 2

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Save The Date: OSCON 2006

OSCON will be at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland OR, the week of July 24-28 2006. We had a fantastic time at the convention center (check out the photos and coverage, presentation files and 2005 home page to see what it was like) and it's a great pleasure to announce that we'll be returning again for 2006. Save the date, budget the dosh, begin working on your proposals, and I hope to see you there!

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Comments: 6

  Os [11.02.05 06:00 PM]

Good to hear it'll be back in Oregon next year, the center of the Open Source Universe!

  Kevin Shockey [11.04.05 09:55 AM]

Hey Nat:

In this post on O'Reilly Network I ask is it time for a .Net track at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference. So how about it? What would it take? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

  gnat [11.04.05 10:08 AM]

I'm definitely interested. I think a day of .NET is extremely possible. Feel free to point me to projects you think represent the best and upcoming brightest of the open source .NET space. Thanks!

  Brian LeRoux [11.08.05 02:20 PM]

Yes! There is so much great stuff happening with mono, nhibernate, etc--that and I could probably convince my work to send me if there was a .NET track. =)

Not that I'd be interested in attending the .NET track. LOL!

  Matt Groener [12.01.05 01:44 PM]

Nat, I'm not a big one for conspiracy theories, but I wonder out loud about "why Portland?" Is there any truth to the idea that one reason to stay in Portland is because Randal can't leave the state (due to his probation restrictions)?

I love Portland, mind you, but the thought occurred to me, so I ask.

  gnat [12.01.05 02:54 PM]

Hi, Matt. It's an entertaining hypothesis, but sadly (for I do love a good bit of gossip) not true. Randal's under no such travel restrictions, and has been around the US and the world (e.g., he was in Brazil earlier this year). It's merely a happy coincidence that he's in the same town as OSCON.

The real reasons for OSCON's Portland location are the booming open source scene, the sweet absence of sales tax, and the fact that it's a fun city that people want to visit. I suspect Randal was just ahead of the rest of us in spotting this trend.

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