Jan 31

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Web 2.0 Innovation Map

Ryan Williams from Fourio wrote in email: "I wanted to share a new Google Maps mashup I've released today, the Web 2.0 Innovation Map. I've taken 200 (so far) applications and plotted them on a map to see how development is distributed across the US and Canada. It's an interesting way to chronicle the Web 2.0 trend."

It is indeed interesting. A lot of apps I haven't followed (and missing a lot that I have) so I can't speak to how thoroughly it covers Web 2.0 as I think of it. (There are a lot of different aspects to Web 2.0, so this is going to be hard to do.) But it's really interesting to see how many of the apps Ryan has selected are not in Silicon Valley.

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Comments: 7

  PJ Hyett [01.31.06 01:51 PM]

The irony here is that Wayfaring is listed on that mashup, but maps like this are exactly what we'd like people to come and create on our site.

  aadil [01.31.06 02:17 PM]

People interested in finding new Web 2.0 applications, mostly in early stages of developement, should visit http://momb.socio-kybernetics.net. This website is updated on a regular basis.

  Guillaume [01.31.06 02:25 PM]

Netvibes!! France!! forgotten !! :)

  Otis Gospodnetic [01.31.06 05:55 PM]

Cool, but why are so many Google and Yahoo services listed separately, thus "polluting the map"?

Also, I'd love to see this spread over the whole planet! Somebody just asked me about web 2.0 companies in England, and I couldn't find any in England, and only 2-3 in Europe.

  UHF [02.01.06 01:05 AM]

This is a bit pointless, what is the basis for catagorising a dot com as being Web 2.0? This is very subjective - e.g. istockphoto in Calgary flog photos for a price. What is web 2.0 about this or their site for that matter?

  mohana priya [02.06.06 12:27 AM]

I want to know in detail about web2.0 and its components.

  Twan [05.15.06 06:32 AM]

Interesting map with Web 2.0 applications. Although I think there are many more.

I thought this link about the esthetcs of web 2.0 logos was interesting and funny too: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stabilo-boss/93136022/

Furthermore I'm currently doing my MA research project at Brunel University in London about "Open Branding and Co-design with consumers" which is closely related to Web 2.0.
I was wondering if could ask Tim a few questions regarding this topic?
This would progress my research a lot.
Please let me know.


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