Feb 17

Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund

From Sweep to Blip

Today is my last day as an O'Reilly employee -- I'm taking the "in-residence" off of my "entrepreneur-in-residence" title, and am headed off to work on my startup full-time. (I'll blog about that later, when we have something to show.) I will continue to blog here, and will continue to help out the O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures partners from time to time. I'll also keep giving talks on entrepreneurship for geeks (my next one is at ETech) and would be happy to help other people make the leap I'm making; just ask.

I started a company six years ago with my friend Nelson Minar, and even though it closed in early 2001, it was the best working experience I've had. I learned more and enjoyed my work more during those scant 15 months than I have in all of my other jobs put together. I also met a ton of great people -- not least of them Tim, who was an investor and board member for us, and who continues to inspire and encourage me, for which I'm most thankful. It's incredibly exciting to be setting off on another such trip.

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  Jason Fried [02.17.06 07:26 PM]

Best of luck to you Marc. I can't see you going anywhere but up. You've got what it takes, now go get it.

  Tony Stubblebine [02.17.06 10:43 PM]

I bet lots of people are wishing you luck right now. I'll just say congratulations. You're going to have a ton of fun. Sarah and I are already lining up to be customers.

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