Mar 23

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Disney Pooh Camp

Mike Pusateri of Disney just sent me this email message:

"Yesterday we held our version of Foo Camp for internal Disney people. The Pooh Camp was a great success and will become an ongoing event. Thanks for your ideas and advice. You both really helped convince the organizing group that a conference like this could work. I am in your debt. Here are a few photos."
I'm glad to see that the FOO Camp style of conference worked for Disney. It's a great idea to bring people together for unstructured conferences, and I appreciate the way Disney reached out for advice.

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  "-" [03.23.06 06:16 PM]

Here's something someone could do to improve the blogosphere: There is no Google-indexed definition of "Foo camp".

There should be.


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