Apr 28

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest Builds Its Social Network

Today, beefed up their social networking features. I now have a Network page that shows all of the links from other users that I have decided to track and I can easily share links as I am posting to people within my network. I can add any user to my network with a single-click. In slightly different forms these features have been available for a while. I'm subscribed to the feeds of several delicious users in my RSS reader and I've been able to send people links using the "for:" tag, but i like this change. By making it easier to build a network on the site there will be greater adoption and will get more data on who is tracking whom. There's a lot that can be done with this information. Some things that come to mind include: your network's most popular links/tags (kind of your own private Hotlinks), users who should be in your network (based on your network's opinion), and most influential user in a tag space.

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Comments: 5

  Anonymous Coward [04.28.06 11:02 AM]

The headline should be its, without an apostrophe.

  brady [04.28.06 11:14 AM]

fixed, thanks.

  soxiam [04.28.06 11:41 AM]

Interesting... socialnetworking a socialbookmarking site.

  Marshall Kirkpatrick [04.28.06 11:44 AM]

Presumably this is the kind of thing that will lead to mass adoption of RSS without the acronym?

  Richard Hintz [04.28.06 02:10 PM]

So, what are the basic methods for determining:

  • the 10 most influential people in a tag space

  • the 10 most authoritative people in a tag space?

Presumably they wouldn't have to be the same people.

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