Apr 5

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Intel OS X Boxes to Dual Boot Windows XP

Apple yesterday announced "Boot Camp", a system that lets you dual boot Windows XP and OS X on the Intel-based Macs. It's software to make the partitioning and installation easy. "Dual booting" is, for those of you who haven't struggled with your own Linux boxes, when you install both operating systems on a single hard disk and decide each time you restart the machine which OS to run. It's not the picture-in-picture of emulation (where I could run OS X but have a window that contained a Windows XP desktop and apps), but it's still better than nothing. Aah, happy Nat.

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  dnl2ba [04.06.06 12:38 AM]

Nice (and I think my housemate might sell his PC now), but I'll be more excited when there's a way to dual boot OS X and WinXP on non-Apple hardware.

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