May 15

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

A Glance at ProgrammableWeb

John Musser has reported that Flickr just reached 68 mashups on ProgrammableWeb. That's around 10% of the total mashups registered on his site. This is a great way to measure the health of a given API in comparison to other APIs of the same class.
When looking at all of the APIs you can see Google Maps reigns supreme, but it's interesting to note that relative newcomer (it was added in February) 411sync (SMS) is rising. It accounted for 10% of the mashups contributed in the past 14 days.
411sync is being exactly the way I expect Mozes API to be used when it comes out. Websites like,, and zevents are gaining a phone interface and providing more power to their users.

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Comments: 5

  Jeffrey McManus [05.16.06 03:21 AM]

Number of mash-ups reported to a web site that only developers know about is actually a terrible way to measure the health of an API.

  Gerald Buckley [05.16.06 06:40 AM]

I don't know Jeffrey... It's not like there are a lot of other methods available unless you'd like to offer an alternative(?)

I think it's helpful in so much that it's comparing apples to apples. Keep in mind to... this is O'Reilly. They watch the space and know their stuff. It's in their best interests to get it right.

Brady, thanks for sharing!

  Manish Lachwani [05.16.06 09:22 AM]

Hi !

Just an FYI: 411Sync is more than just SMS. It provides an interface to search from SMS, Email, WAP, Toolbar and even IM clients like Yahoo and AOL. So, when a company (like hotornot) or a developer secures a mobile search keyword and mobilizes content, the content is made available through five different channels.

thanks !

  brady [05.16.06 09:28 AM]


I agree that it is not perfect, but i think that it's a good measure - the same way that alexa is a good measure. It gives me the relative scale of how things are being used. i'm assuming that there are many more mashups than those listed, but i'll bet that they are also in the same proportion as those listed.


  Greg Harris [11.17.06 06:40 AM]

411Sync is great, but you can't use a short code or charge for the content. We recently launched Mobivity. It let's you provide your content over a US shortcode, and soo will allow for Premium SMS.

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