May 18

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Google Maps Covers NZ and Australia

I'm sure they were working on it before my little dig but today Google released Australia and New Zealand street maps. I can't see my house in the satellite imagery, but I can see my building parcel. Sweet! Now if only it grokked my address the way Zoomin does .... (thanks to Gordon Anderson for the tip)

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Comments: 6

  BillyG [05.18.06 11:46 PM]

I read your first post earlier, I think they heard you lol.

I had to click out a few times before satellite imagery showed up...

  Pat Allan [05.19.06 12:02 AM]

Nat, do you really live near Torkington Bay? Is that a complete coincidence, or did you deliberately choose that area? ;)

  Nigel [05.19.06 03:12 AM]

Nicely spotted Nat, it's even got section boundaries for Paihia :). Not sure when they added the photoshop style navigator but it's very cool.

  Justin Mason [05.19.06 04:15 AM]

ZoomIn still has an edge, I think -- it's amazing how they've come up with "social mapping". very nifty!

  gnat [05.19.06 09:17 AM]

Pat: The beach name's a tip of the hat to the long time my family's been there. We always knew it as "Back Beach" until the 1990s when the name was changed. Now, of course, it's covered by million dollar houses each with a funicular, and the only way for us to get there is by boat or around the rocks at low tide. C'est la vie!

  Calvin [05.29.06 01:46 PM]

You can search streets on the following site:)

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